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Creaite Review: An Honest First Look

Is it the NEW BEST Article Rewriter?

Joshua Zamora launches his biggest product to date: a REAL AI (artificial intelligence) app that writes content for you, in any niche... in under 90 seconds.

For REAL?!?

Find Out

Get more rankings and traffic for your niche sites

Let's face it: content is king.  This is just as true today as it was 20 or even 30 years ago.  

And yet...

Writing content is a pain. It may be more important now than ever, but doing it the old way takes time, skill, or money, or all three.

When you can take the pain out of writing quality content FAST... you can use that content to get more rankings and traffic.


Get more rankings and traffic for your client sites

ALL businesses need to provide value, build trust, increase traffic, and get more customers. 

CONTENT helps make that happen.


Translate the articles into other languages to get even MORE

traffic and sales

One of the OTOs that most impressed me was Creaite can get content created for you in up to 12 of the most common languages in the world: English, Spanish, Polish, German, French, Portuguese, Portugese (Brazil), Italian, Dutch, Russian, Japanese and Chinese (simplified). The efficiency in doing this within the tool can be a huge benefit.


How Does It Work?

Josh reports it's not a content scraper, and it's not a content spinner.

This first-to-market tool is actually writing the content through actual AI. So what does it take to make it happen?  I was surprised how easy it is:

  • Step 1: Login To their Web-Based Dashboard

  • Step 2: Tell Creaite What Niche You Want Your Content In and watch the A.I work it’s magic in about 60-90 seconds

  • Step 3: Copy, Edit, Download, or Share Your Content

  • AI Development Takes Center-Stage

    You may recognize the name Joshua Zamora. He's the long-time success story and top 1% JV Zoo seller that has created many useful marketing products including:

  • Sendiio

  • SyndBuddy

  • DFY Authority

  • MyTrafficJacker

  • and more

  • And for Creaite, Josh is joined by Kyle Kolyer, well respected AI developer and all-around family man. Kyle brings a next-level skill to the team and in this product it shows.

    Creaite Demo

    The easiest way to get it is to see it. Here you go!



    Will this work on mac / pc?

    Yes. This is cloud-based, so it should work on any internet-enabled device.

    How many niches will this work for?

    There are approximately 75 current niches, with over 500 being added.

    What areas is this useful for?

  • Business

  • Health

  • Home Improvement

  • Legal

  • Online Marketing

  • Real Estate

  • Relationships

  • Travel

  • Many, Many More


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